Blogging and Responsibility

ខែវិច្ឆិកា 10, 2006 បញ្ចេញមតិ Go to comments

Watching a TV program on Channel News Asia, I have found out an interested show called “BlogTV” talking about blogging. It impresses me very much. The show was good to watch as it talking about the blogging and its responsibility. On that day show, there was a topic about Blogging and the Workplace. There was a special guest invited to talk about her experience of blogging, specifically blogging about her workplace.

Learning from the show, blogging is good as bloggers can express their opinions, sharing what they see, hear, and know … However, blogging may causes bloggers serious problem. For instance, the special guest of the show, a Delta airway stewardess, who get dismissed because she blogged about work. It is so shock for her as she got no job soon her organization found out the blogging. Finally, during the show, a lot of question has been raised such as (1) Why do people blog about work, and what happens when they do? (2) Did you know that there is a term for being fired for blogging about your work. It’s called being ‘dooced’. (3) Are there hard and fast rules when it comes to blogging about your work? And (4) Can blogging about your co-workers land you behind bars?

For her experience, it seems to me blogging is so dangerous. So why do people blog what they want to express or shout out. What are responsibilities of blogger? Since we are not sure about this, please blog with responsibility.

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  1. Phy
    ខែវិច្ឆិកា 10, 2006 ម៉ោង 11:55 ល្ងាច

    Good point, man! And I have, from time to time, been thinking of how what the good points of blogging are and how we can take advantage of it. Still i don’t think i have come up with a good idea yet.

    But I am thinking of reviewing interesting news we have read. We may also want to write book or movie reviews if any. What do you think of these ideas?

    Or do you have any other good idea of how to benefit from blogging?

  2. ខែវិច្ឆិកា 12, 2006 ម៉ោង 9:36 ព្រឹក

    For sure, blogging has provided blogger a lot of fun and advantages. As a blogger, you guy can shout out or shout back what you have encountered in your dialy life. It provides you a freedom of expressing your idea. Yet, blogging has its limitation and responsibility.

    In this regard, as a blogger, you must learn and understand exactly its responsibility. When blogging, blog it with responsibility and think of the payback.

  3. ខែវិច្ឆិកា 13, 2006 ម៉ោង 2:54 ល្ងាច

    Further to your comment, since you like bloggin I would like very much to share with you some Proposed Ethical Standards for Blogging I quoted from a blogger, Justin ( Those are:

    – respond to comments
    – don’t blog about blogging
    – don’t quote content without citing a url
    – don’t post to communicate indirectly with another person
    – don’t obfuscate a post with overly abstract language
    – respect the privacy of other people you blog about
    – don’t assume everyone irl has already read your latest post
    – don’t advertise a new blog–let it be discovered

    The direct link to the above Proposed Ethical Standards for Blogging is here (

    What do you think about this?

  4. ខែវិច្ឆិកា 14, 2006 ម៉ោង 10:46 ព្រឹក

    it’s good for personal purpose and if we want talk about workplace (coz it’s our daily life), we need to be careful because some information is not reserved for public review.

    so we have to pay more attention to the subject and the topic posted on our own blog. if we can focus only on personal stuff is a good point.

  5. ខែវិច្ឆិកា 14, 2006 ម៉ោង 11:27 ព្រឹក

    You are absolutely right, khmerbird. When do blogging, a blogger must be precaution. As what you have pionted out some informaiton is not reserved for public review. Hence, your blogging may violate someone’s privacy.

    As you are interested in this topic, taking this opportunity, I would like very much to share with you as well a URL ( about Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes.

  6. ខែ​មីនា 18, 2013 ម៉ោង 5:36 ល្ងាច

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